About Howdoo.

Created to put users in charge of social media instead of platforms, Howdoo brings together all the key social media elements, including streams, posts, blogs, messaging, image sharing and video sharing, into a single platform. Howdoo is the place for users to follow all their favourite content and influencers, while at the same time retaining complete control over their personal data, including an option not to share any data and to turn off all advertising.

If users choose to accept advertising, they are rewarded in the form of Howdoo’s utility token, the µDoo (pronounced ‘you do’). This currency is used for every transaction on Howdoo – from paying for content and influencer earnings to advertising spend and eShop merchandising. Through innovative gateway and wallet functions within the Howdoo app (currently under development), users will easily be able to trade their µDoos into and out of their own local fiat currency. And with the optional Howdoo Visa debit card, users and content creators can quickly turn the µDoos they earn into hard cash they can use in their day-to-day lives, without paying any transaction fees.

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How the competition works

  • Everyone with a minimum of 500 µDoos and who registers for the competition (see below) is eligible to take part
  • We’ll be taking three snapshots of µDoo holders, on November 1 2019, December 1 2019, and January 1 2020
  • Every entrant will receive one prize draw ticket per 500 µDoos they hold at each snapshot. So, for example, if you have 1000 µDoos held through all three snapshots, you’ll receive six tickets in total.
  • Entrants will also receive additional tickets for referring other entrants who buy at least 500 µDoos themselves (one extra ticket per referral).
  • µDoo balances must be held throughout the snapshot period. If any are sold before the third snapshot is taken on January 1, all tickets for that entrant will be void.
  • The prize draw will take place in January 2020 (exact date and time TBC).
  • After the draw, entrants retain all their purchased µDoos, and are free to use them on Howdoo or trade them.

Already have µDoos?

All you need to do is register your Ethereum wallet and we’ll verify your µDoo balance to determine how many tickets you’re entitled to.


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